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Director's Desk

Too often we start our work with lots of enthusiasm but after a period of times it seems that things are not moving as it had to. There comes a time of silence, of watchful expectation. a process that we need to feel it, understand it's power. In Greek the term is 'Xarmolophi', means bitter sweetness or joyful sadness. The sadness is oddly called joyful because we already know the outcome. We try to cope with churning with uncomfortable emotions of puzzlement, sadness anger, doubt, guilt. There have been times for all of us when the suffering that we experience is so intense that we do not know whether we will ever feel comfort again? Often at crucial times of our lives we may be called to give up or let go of our loved ones, possessions, homeland, cherished beliefs, security, identity and the way ahead is filled with uncertainty, despair, perhaps a slow draining of hope. we have a threshold of day which lies in between, a day of waiting, to slow down and breathe, to pray for guidance and light reminding us when grief lays hold of us, turn to one another for love and support .

In our silence, we remember and acknowledge our gratitude at having overcome numerous earlier times to pray for grace in our current or between times for faith, courage and hope. Knowing that the next day will be one of victorious celebration. We renew our commitment to carry on the message of hope in our actions not through words alone. In spite of all ups and downs Aashraya has been working progressively for the upliftment of downtrodden, the helpless and the needy. You can be the part of it in deeds as your faith in aashraya without your action is dead. lets join hands and be committed to stand against all odds. Your contribution can make the difference in the world that you are sharing

Something about Aashraya.....

Aashraya welfare society is a registered society (RAJ 275) working in the slums of Jaipur, and it’s surrounding districts, for the upliftment of the lower strata in the field of education, rehabilitation and social awareness. Our aim is to change the face of society by empowering women in education, specially the girl child and to stand against the social evil viz. child marriage, dowry, domestic violence, abandonment and alcoholism, and substance abuse

There is a gold mine hidden in every life but we have to dig deep to get to it. Aashraya is incisive, result oriented, growing, an ambitious organization, which tangibly help people in need and dares to dig deep and go beyond how we feel or what is convenient. There is a lot of creativity inside each one of us that we need to tap into without fear. A little extended help as little as Rs 300/- ($7) per month can take care of a child’s one months hygiene and education giving him a sparkling dream of a better future So now, I exhort you with this truth “Don’t spend all your life just for yourself.” Let’s be partners in doing things together helping in time, which can make a big difference in their lives”.

Working for change in time

A. Anna