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Our Projects

In the spring of Oct 2007, determined to bring the ripple effect in society, Aashraya was born in the slums of Rajasthan. Aashraya is a non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering the life of the least privileged section of society.

Even as we are rolling out our news, there’s sufficient evidence on the ground that at every level, multiple initiatives and responses- some big, some small are undertaken.

When two hands meet, we pass on something of ourselves. That meaning of trust has survived to this day. Diehards might say that a pebble in the pond doesn’t make any difference, but there is no denying the fact that a certain momentum has set in and more importantly there’s growing realization at all levels, we have small and critical breakthroughs and dents that are being made, because it has caught the attention and concern of people from all strata.

These initiatives clearly shows where there is a will, there is a way.

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope! “- Kofi Aanan.

Nari Chetna : “Teach India, Reach India”

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope! “- Kofi Aanan.

Pen is mightier than a sword and it can be daunting for not being able to understand even a single word. Aashraya has been working among illiterates through adult literacy and empowering them to face the world with pride. Hundreds of women are now able to walk through, with their heads held high. We see countless lives being transformed, one alphabet a time.

It started when our Founder met a widow, crying her eyes out. After the demise of her husband, who was the single breadwinner of her family, she was forlorn and left with 5 kids to feed. Being illiterate, she confided in a fellow neighbour to help her in the paperwork to withdraw her husband’s savings to make her ends meet. Little did she know that her very own friend would take her thumbprint to transfer all the savings for herself and flee; leaving behind naught but despair.

Learning about this woman’s story, our Founder Director Ms Anna Wogg was moved to not let this story recur in that place again. She started reaching out and teaching women. These seemingly ordinary but extraordinary women would come with twinkling eyes, unbeknownst to the world of alphabets waiting to welcome them in with open arms. Gradually these classes would go from gentle ponderings to deliberations and thwarted opinions being awakened in their minds. One by one these women started to speak up and speak out! It helped them gain this confidence and strength they had never experienced before. The same woman who lost all her savings due to illiteracy was able to retrieve it through our help. Now they proudly reject dunking their thumbs in ink as they were offered in the past, meticulously read the documents, wield their pen and sign their names- ready to mark their presence in the world.

Tiny Tots -- Bal Shiksha Aabhiyaan

Does our dream mean anything? There is no such thing as ideal life. We have to work hard to find solutions that are satisfactory to everyone. Catch them young is our motto. We aim to educate these children, so that they become catalyst in the development of their own backward community.

Aradhna Aged 15 years was stimulated by Aashraya to study. Today she is the part of education programme teaching 30 children from her own basti, also dreams of becoming a Police officer to eradicate discrimination and renouncing practices derogatory to the dignity of women. We impart literacy skills, promoting awareness on hygiene, health and sanitation, promoting health awareness, improving moral, ethical and spiritual values for holistic transformation. 75 children under 3 teachers are benefited by this programme.

Distribution of Clothes : “No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank

In a world of Fast Fashion, we often overlook from our position of privilege the stark disparity and its consequential effects. With numerous clothing lines launching limited editions regularly, they encourage over-consumption and generate excessive waste. It is very easy to lose track and be ignorant to the plight of less fortunate.

Aashraya believes that for true transformation, a holistic development is required. Clothes Distribution is one of the many programs that Aashraya uses to reach out to the masses. With donation drives being in force, we are successful in clothing a hundred people every week and half a thousand every month.

Your spare can be someone’s essential !! - Help us to reach out to people in need through our Clothes Distribution Program. If we’re mindful of our habits bearing in mind the predicaments of the needy, the world can be a better place to live in.

Distribution of Food : One in five kids cannot share food photos on Instagram. And in our country, the rate is much higher. Aashraya through its Food Distribution Drive has been giving out rations, essential supplies and prepared food whose beneficiaries have been widows, children, deserted, beggars and the sick. We meticulously search for slums, areas and villages where there is need for our help. We have been successful in reaching close to a hundred thousand people through our program. Often when we have more than enough on our plates, we become ignorant of our privileges. Let us be a little more thankful and a little more conscious towards taking decisions that would reflect kindness.

Aashraya Welfare Society is striving to the best of its efforts in making a change in the society with ripple like steps. Help us and become in part with us to fulfil this cause. Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give...

Distribution of Stoves : This year due to constant rains many families in the sums got affected. Aashraya distributed 70 chullas along with 70 towels, soaps, toiletries, sugar packets with the help of Mr. Soni and team to the slum dwellers.

Distribution of Rations : At regular intervals, Aashraya has been distributing ration to the destitute and widows.

Covid Help : Covid 19 has widely affected the globe and India is also facing its own challenges and consequences. With jobs lost, people stranded and paucity of resources, Aashraya has been instrumental in giving out rations, essential supplies, food and medical help to the people in need. People succumbing to depression and suicidal tendencies have also been given adequate counselling and treatment. Some of them have toiled and earned all their lives, and now they stand stripped off their self-esteem and work.

Offering help should be a genuine manifestation of being a good human being. As the economy is recuperating, but at a turtle’s pace, offices are opening but there is no job or meagre wages. People are still strutting to get their lives back on track. Though the constraints are being lessened but the quest is till on....Your little contribution can be of great help to someone in need. You, yes you, can impact the lives of those infested with hopelessness and despair.

Medical Care : At regular intervals, health awareness camps are organized..

Education Sponsorship : Education shouldn’t be a privilege, it should be a right. An increasing number of children, girls, in particular, fall through the cracks of the education system. These children have dreams which they never reach, either for economic or social reasons. Having even a high school degree drastically increases their earning potential and puts them closer to their goals.

Aashraya has been instrumental in proliferating education through its Education Sponsorship Program. Every year, Children with merit but scarce resources are chosen for this program. The Education sponsorship program looks for children like Mahima, who often have great potential. We focus not just on financing their education, but on holistic success and well-being of each student. Regular house visits are conducted along with close monitoring of academic performance, students who need it are given counselling and their families participate in economic and family strengthening programs.

We believe that every child deserves an equal chance to succeed. Through this program, we are able to change the lives of so many children, but a little help would allow us to reach that many more, changing not just lives but communities.

Marriage Counselling & Fight against Casteism : Aashraya believes in taking strides towards eradicating social evils, albeit with small steps. A fundamental way to break social stigmas is to promote matrimonial alliances beyond caste and religion. Aashraya facilitates marriage counselling and inter-caste marriages

Aashraya believes in taking strides towards eradicating social evils, albeit with small steps. A fundamental way to break social stigmas is to promote matrimonial alliances beyond caste and religion. Aashraya facilitates marriage counselling and inter-caste marriages.

Convincing Rajni’s parents for inter-caste marriage wasn’t a piece of cake. We anticipated turbulences but we were assured that we would get positive results. Rajni and Rajendra waited patiently as we went through ups and downs. Merging two different customary lifestyles into one was difficult especially when feels were involved. After much opposition, threats and hard work, finally Aashraya could bring them together to “exchange their vows” and saying “I do”

Sports : The four “S” in Olympics says Speed, Skill, Strength, and Stamina. It is not important who you are and where you come from to be a fit sportsman. The true mantra to fitness is having a sound, sane and fit body and soul for a human being.

Aashraya strives to inculcate the mantra of fitness both in young and old. Rajasthan patrika a news paper in Jaipur sponsored 35 young and budding youth from the slums in Manoharpura and Katputli colony, were handpicked for a sports camp.

They were trained by the able hands of a Mr. Edmund Francis in football and Mr. Garvit, Jogo George in basketball. The youth were churned by these trained coaches. The football team coached by Mr. Edmund Francis reached the semi finals in the event. The event had 13 teams participating in their respective categories

Being from the slum did not deter them and they excelled and did their best. Many eyes turned at their performance which was exceptional. It was truly a combination of grit and sweat to make it big and reach the semis.

Aashraya had continued training these youth who are budding sportspersons for India’s future

Social change and its goals seem overwhelming, but with God’s help, unconditional love and unwavering faith, it is not unsurmountable. “For nothing is impossible with God”. We believe God does not want his children living under oppression and ostracization, so we work towards change, challenging deep rooted misogynistic systems. These things take time and a resilient commitment to maintain the efforts where crushing disappointments and only occasional victories are seen. Nonetheless, nothing compares with the joy of witnessing people evolve and breakthrough their manacles, getting their captives set free.