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A 46 years old woman. She is a slum dweller.

Married at an early age and now a mother of 6, She never got the privilege of studying. Unbeknownst to the world of alphabets and education, she could only look at books but never understood a word.

She had a staunch desire to read but looking after so many people in the family, education was out of question. Our Animator Meenakshi reached out to her and shared the importance of education. She gladly accepted the proposal and showed great progress. With rigorous efforts of our Animator and her willingness to study , she has started to read and write . You can see her beaming with so much of joy and satisfaction.

Aashraya Welfare has been instrumental in the field of education- helping adults refrained from getting an education to get a chance once again- to wield a pen and change their world!


Slum Dweller

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

20 Million children in India do not go to school. Millions of children are still denied their right to education because of poverty. When it is hard to afford necessities like food, shelter, and clothing; education becomes a luxury that the poor give up. This is the story of Mahima and her siblings. They live in a town called Sanganer in the outskirts of Jaipur. Their grandparents are too old to take care of them for long. With their meagre pension, they try to make their ends meet and barely provide for two square meals a day.

“According to Sydney J. Harris, The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”We believe that our small, but earnest efforts are impacting these young minds, and transforming their tomorrows. We need you, to extend this help to many other Mahimas in need.

Prema Bhatt

Prem Bhaatt, suffering from acute depression was treated by Aashraya, by constant care and medications she is leading a normal life today.


Kailashi, a widow had multiple dental problems. A severe case of renal infection was timely treated and given medical aid and rehabilitation. Today, fit and fine, ready to attend to her daily chores, which was a dream


Bhagwani, suffering from gum problems due to regularly chewing tobacco was treated and was fitted with new dentures. Once afraid to smile, is smiling and radiant today.

Meenu Bhaat

Meenu, is under treatment for her inability to walk, today Aashraya has given her a hope.


Mamta, diagnosed in the last stages of TB. Came to Aashraya, totally depressed and lost all hope in life. Aashraya treated her, today she is leading a healthy life, full of smiles and frolic.


Deepa, her eardrums were ruptured. Aashraya intervened in time, almost lost her hearing. Today she is fit and fine and listens to music and an inspiration to many in the basti.


Aradhana had facial skin problems. Would hide her face due to patches in her skin. Aashraya treated her; today she is boldly flaunting her beauty to many. She says "Thanks to Aashraya, today I am bold and beautiful." Complaining of nagging headaches often, she was treated by qualified optometrists she is healed and today is teaching 30 kids in basti.